Sports Therapy – Consultation

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Sports Therapy for both sports injury and non-sports injury

When you book your first appointment please be aware that you will be booked in for a 1 hours session.  During the first consultation a full history will be taken and recorded to establish any presenting symptoms and the history of any previous injuries, sports injury or medical situations that might be related or predisposing to the patients’ current discomfort.

If you are unsure what to expect feel free to book in for a free 15 minute session with one of our sports therapists. During this short session they will look to give you any information and advice you require and help you make an informed decision as to whether their treatments could help you.

Within the first session a detailed medical history will be taken before the use of a range of assessment techniques may be used as the therapist looks to diagnose your  sport injury or non sporting injury. You will then be advised on the suggested course of action and if agreeable, this can begin straight away. The background and training that our Sports Therapist have gives them an extensive knowledge of exercises and training plans and so they usually will look to supplement treatment sessions with rehabilitation exercises designed specifically to each patient. The aim will always be to work with you towards your goals and the top priority is to ensure that you are comfortable with any advice and treatment given for your sports injury or non sporting injury.

What treatments do sports therapist do?

Our Sports Therapists are continually training and improving their treatment techniques to keep up with current and new research. As such they have developed a broad range of different skill sets and treatment techniques they can use to suit you.

After a full consultation, examination and with your consent, your treatment may comprise of some or all of these methods/techniques with the aim of developing a thorough treatment plan. Below is a brief list of treatments that you may encounter when seeing a Sports Therapist for your sports injury or non sports injury. :

Sports Massage

Remedial Bodywork

Sports Injury specific treatments – strapping and taping



Exercise Therapy


After care and advice.


If you would like a free 15 minute chat with a sports therapist please contact us