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Sports Therapy is the term applied to the application of various techniques to assist athletes and non sporting individuals alike.

Who can benefit from Sports Therapy?

First and foremost it is important to understand that you do not have to participate in sport to benefit from advice and treatment from a sports therapist and rehabilitator. The unique sets of skills our Sports Therapist possess allow them to tailor each treatment. They will work with you, endeavouring to return you to your previous levels of fitness, regardless of whether you come from a sporting background or not.

Levels of sport and exercise participation are on the rise and combined with a recent drive to become healthier as a nation, it is apparent that there is a need for sport and exercise rehabilitation professionals. Our Sports Therapist come from a variety of sporting backgrounds both participating in and treating a wide range of sporting and non sporting individuals. This wealth of experience is essential as our therapists look to provide suitable treatment and exercise rehabilitation plans for each individual.

Within each individual our  sports therapist can look to see patterns of injuries common to the stresses that either your sport or your daily activities put upon your body.  These stresses can cause any number of soft tissue injuries or put you at a higher risk from re-injury.  It is also important to note that with any injury not rehabilitated properly, the risk of re-injury is significantly higher. Sports Therapists are able to look at these daily stresses and at aspects of your body composition, and work with you to tailor specific exercise programmes aiming to decrease the chances of you picking up certain injuries or re-injuries. Because every individual is different, any exercise plan or treatment regime they provide, will more than likely be unique to you. So why not book an appointment and see what our Sports Therapists can do to help you?


Regardless of whether you exercise or play sport to keep fit or compete from club to international level then sports therapy may have something to offer you.


Sports Therapy

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