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 What to expect when you visit a Physio

On your initial visit to the physio at Fine Fettle, Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey  you will be given up to an hour for the full assessment to take place.  This involves a subjective and objective examination leading to a diagnosis and individual treatment plan.

The subjective examination involves questions about your pain, the injury sustained and what aggravates the symptoms.  By the end of the subjective assessment the physio will have a good idea of what is causing the pain and what treatment is likely to be most effective.  Part of the subjective interview includes questions about your past medical history, any medication you might be taking and details of your lifestyle, activities of daily living and sporting commitments.

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The objective examination requires the physio to assess the part of the body that is painful or weak.  It can be a good idea to bring a pair of shorts and vest top as it is important to for the physio to observe the body, to see if there is, for example, asymmetry or swelling that can help confirm the initial diagnosis.  With your consent the objective assessment includes measuring range of movement, testing muscle power, palpating for tenderness and looking at functional tasks.  This can sometimes cause mild discomfort for a short period after the assessment.

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By the end of the objective assessment the physio will be able to make a diagnosis of your problem.  This might be a straightforward dysfunction or there can sometimes be several contributing factors and secondary complications. The diagnosis will be fully explained to you and this will be followed by an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan.

At Fine Fettle the physio treatment is very much a partnership.  Your physio will be able to adjust treatment taking into consideration your age, lifestyle, level of fitness, general health and how motivated and proactive you are able to be in the rehabilitation process.  Your physio will work to understand your expectations and what you are hoping to achieve from treatment.

If by the end of the initial assessment your physiotherapist feels that physiotherapy is not the most appropriate course of action this will be explained to you.  Alternative treatment options can be discussed, for example, an onward referral to one of the other specialities within Fine Fettle (for example, pilates, reflexology) or a recommendation to see your GP for further investigations (for example, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI).

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