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Physiotherapy helps people to move and function better after sustaining an injury, suffering from an illness or living with a disability.  The treatment may include massage, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, ultrasound, stretching and strengthening, core stability training, postural advice, exercises for balance, coordination and proprioception, reassurance and education.

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Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy regardless of age and lifestyle.  It is good for all ages and treatment is adjusted accordingly.  A range of treatment techniques can be used


Physiotherapy is important to rehabilitate the body after an injury.  It may be a sudden injury sustained during sport or a long-standing pain that flares up when you try to be active.  It can help to reduce the pain and inflammation in order to facilitate healing.  Physio can help to strengthen and train the area of the body affected in order to restore you to match fitness and to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.



The body needs rest and time to heal after surgical intervention, such as a joint replacement.  Physiotherapy can help with this process by improving range of movement, re-building strength and re-training balance and proprioception.  The length of rehabilitation will depend on the type of surgery performed.  Post operative physio may include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, functional exercises and education for ongoing self-management.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

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