Hypnotherapy – Consultation

Hypnotherapy – what to expect

Part 1 Fact Finding

Our first hypnosis consultation will last for between an hour and an hour and a half, plenty of time for you to explain what it is that you would like help with. Whether it is something specific you would like to address or maybe more general if you are not sure of the root cause, but aware of  symptoms that are affecting your life.

Part 2 Questions

I will have some general questions for you that will enable me to put things into a little bit of context and recognize any contributing factors. You may also have some questions for me which I will do my best to answer. Then if I think I will be able to provide  therapy I will explain how I work and give you some more information about hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

 Part 3 Moving forward

In this part we agree  a plan to move forward and you will have a chance to experience a hypnotherapy trance. You will also receive a link to a free 10 minute relaxation recording  to download and listen to at home. If you do not have anything to play your recording on you can purchase an mp3 player from me, or for a small fee I can provide a cd of the recording.

Any follow up appointments will last between 50 minutes and an hour.

If you have any questions I have not answered please feel free to contact the clinic and book a free 15 minute chat with me.

Hypnosis with Sue Ford at Fine Fettle Bookham

Sue Ford