Ergonomics – In The Work Place

Do you have five or more employees using display equipment? Are you aware of your legal requirements as an employer?

Since the Health & Safety Regulations were amended in 2002 ergonomic workstation assessments have become an important aspect of many companies Health & Safety policy and practice. Risk assessments for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users are a legal requirement throughout Europe.

Preventative Ergonomic Assessment

Following DSE guidelines advice is given on how to best set up workstations to help prevent injury and increase worker wellbeing and productivity. This can be on an individual basis or for a group of workers.
Clinical Ergonomic Assessment is aimed at an individual who is already suffering from postural problems. A full clinical assessment of the individual can be undertaken alongside the workstations assessment to provide a comprehensive review and action plan for recovery.

What can the benefit of an ergonomics assessment be to your business?

Improve productivity and quality
Reduce sickness and days absent
Cut compensation claims

Common work poor ergonomic work station areas of pain and discomfort:

Lower Back Pain
Neck and Upper Back Pain
Upper Extremities – Shoulders, Arms and Hands
Lower Extremities – Legs, knees and Feet
Carpal tunnel compression
Rotator cuff syndrome
Lateral or medial epicondylitis
Reduced range of movement and loss of function
Postural fatigue

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