Ergonomics – In The Home Office

Posture at your home office

In these modern times most of us have some sort of computer device that we use at home. How many of us however take as much time over the position we work in at home as we do at our daytime work stations?

Examples of poor ergonomic set up of home office can be:

Sitting on a sofa using a laptop
Sitting with a laptop on your knees
Prolonged use of tracker pad instead of free flowing mouse

If you can answer “no” to any of the following you should seek professional ergonomic advice:

Have you set up your home office using key ergonomic principles of table height and chair?
Do you use a specialist laptop stand, keyboard and mouse when working on your laptop for more than 1 hour?
Do you avoid sitting on the sofa working on your laptop for periods longer than 30 minutes?
Do you take 20 seconds breaks after every 20 minutes of keying?
Do you take eye breaks and look at a distance every 20 minutes?
Do you blink while you look at the screen?
Have you optimised your settings on your computer to make your work easier (i.e. flicker rate, mouse speed, font size)?

Helen’s knowledge of anatomy and the human form enables her to combine both Osteopathic and ergonomic knowledge to provide the best possible expertise and advice on home work stations. Many areas of pain can be eliminated and even prevented by taking advice on the ergonomics of a home work station.

Home Work Station advice can be done by a home visit or the most popular method is by photographed assessment. A report and recommendations will be written for each individual.

Home Visit Assessment – £85 to include written recommendations report

Photographic Assessment – £55 to include written recommendations report.

For further details or quote please contact Helen:
Fine Fettle MHC – 01372 458984