Foot Care – Consultation

Benefits of regular foot care

Foot problems are very common and can affect every one of all ages. From corns and calluses to bunions. What may appear as something insignificant, can pose difficulties with footwear and daily life. Additional problems may complicate matters, such as and poor circulation or diabetes. With regular chiropody, foot problems can be prevented.

Looking after your feet is one of the most important aspects of personal health care. During your lifetime, your feet could walk the equivalent of three times around the world! The joints and ligaments in our feet readily adapt to the shock of absorbing our weight. As we age structural changes such as bunions may afflict these joints and limit their range of movement. Ligaments and tendons become less flexible and the foot needs more support and padding to adapt to the strain of carrying you around.

Caring for the feet is important to avoid foot pain as well as foot problems in the future. From routine nail cutting to general foot improvement and health or even for specific foot complaints such as verrucas or ingrowing toenails. The Fine fettle foot care service ensures your feet are healthy and in the best possible condition, whatever your age.

What should I expect during my visits for foot care treatment?

A chiropody footcare session includes the following:

A full assessment of your feet, including taking medical details
Trimming and filing of toe nails
Reducing any thickened toe nails
Debriding callus
Enucleating any corns (hard corns, soft corns and seed corns)
Cleansing the foot with skin disinfectant pre, during and post treatment
Dressing and padding if required
Foot massage with professional foot care cream suitable for your skin condition
Advice on footwear and maintaining your foot care in between appointments

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