Alexander Technique – Consultation

What to expect

Because Alexander teachers do not diagnose, cure, or treat, the teacher will not take a medical history. She will ask you about yourself and why you are interested in learning the Technique, and as the lesson progresses she will observe how you use yourself.

The teacher will work with you as an individual – with verbal and hands-on guidance – helping you to experience the Alexander principles in practice and to understand how you can use them to reassess your particular habits and pattern of use, so that eventually you can use the Technique whenever you choose.

An Alexander teacher does not have any special equipment – usually just a chair and a table. The chair is used to explore the movement between standing and sitting, and the table is used for ‘semi-supine’: lying down in order to develop awareness and control. After a few lessons, we may work more specifically on applying the Technique to one of your regular activities, such as working at a computer, carrying the shopping, or playing a musical instrument.

Teachers usually ask pupils to remove their shoes, but there is no need to undress.