I love my job


I certainly get to do some great things working as an Osteopath and running both of my businesses.  Today especially I am feeling really blessed.  Yes blessed!! Those that are close to I know that I shy away from anything “fluffy” I am a straight talking kind of person who claims she is purely led by research and hard facts but I have to say today I am just thinking that all my planets must be aligned in the right order. Yes I am feeling cosmic too!!

So what are the good things about owning my own successful practice?

  1. I get to work with some of the most fabulous people.  The Fettler team are a group of like-minded people all intent on helping out as many clients as we can.  We all enjoy being in each other’s company and this shows in our success.

As an example, my team last night spent 4 hours at a local WI event raising funds for the organisers providing taster massage sessions for the members and their guests.  Well the room was buzzing with how good the team are.  We met new people and saw some of our current clients at the event. They were all raving about my team.  I have to say I shed a tear on the way home as after years of really hard work we are finally an established brand and a highly thought of brand at that!!

Osteopath Fetcham
  1. I get to help out the most amazing clients, alleviating pain where possible and encouraging people to move forward with their lives as much as they can.
  1. I get to work for a variety of charities providing free post event support for bike races, running events and baking for cake sales. I get to meet the most amazing people from cancer sufferers and their carers to long distance cyclists raising money for local children hospitals.  It really is inspiring doing the work I do.
Osteopath Fetcham                         Osteopath Fetcham
  1. I get to support all types of clients take part in exercise from walking to preparing for the Road to Rio 2016. I met Tania Nadarajah a few months ago when she needed support for her journey to the next Paralympics.  An amazing lady with such drive and determination fighting for her rightful place on the 2016 Rio team.  Nadia is a recurve archer, look out for her she is a name to remember!
Osteopath Fetcham
  1. I get to work for myself and choose my work life balance. I love working but I love to play too.  This year alone I have started tennis lessons, singing lessons and joined a new sparkly gym.  I am good at one of them…I will let you guess which.


So today the sun is out and it feels like spring is here.  This is one of my favourite times of the year and only adds to my good feelings.

Osteopath Fetcham

Take time to follow the path you really want to choose in life.  It may be a struggle at the start but it is certainly worth it when you “planets start to align”.